Friday, May 11, 2012

Instructions for the day

Dear Volunteers!

The big clean-up day is nearly here!

On the day, please meet us at the park at Mercury Court (1pm at the latest) and tell us you have arrived. All volunteers will receive a pair of gloves from us. If you have pair of heavy duty gloves at home, please bring them with you! Also if anybody has a shovel, it would be helpful in cleaning some parts of our route. Please bring it if you can! Once the team leaders have introduced themselves, and given the health and safety briefing, you can ask them any further questions. We will then set off together and begin picking up the rubbish. After around an hour, we will all meet again in Mercury Court and go for tea & coffee.

What to wear?

Volunteers should wear appropriate clothes, preferably long trousers, suitable for any weather conditions (e.g. rain, wind) and comfortable, protective shoes. Please don’t wear any type of high-heels, sandals or flip flops. We suggest avoiding wearing jewellery (earrings, bracelets, necklaces) or keeping it as simple as possible.

We would recommend all volunteers to wear something green. We need to catch the eye of the general public as a distinct and united group! 

Bear in mind:
  • Wearing gloves during the collecting process is mandatory. Dangerous objects (e.g. sharp objects, pieces of glass) should be handled with extreme care; please put these objects into the wheelie bin, not in a bag. Please use litter- pickers where appropriate. Watch out for cars when collecting rubbish close to the road.
  • If you suffer from a medical condition that we should know about, please tell us asap, preferably before the event. If you start to suffer from fatigue or feel unwell during the event, tell one of the team leaders. Any accidents during the event should be reported to one of the team leaders asap. In case of a serious accident call 999.
  • The consumption of alcohol during or before the event is forbidden.
We may exclude any person or persons from our activities who do not follow these instructions.

We hope you’ll have a good time at the event!

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